Recovery Poems by Catherine Goodheart


Poem 1

Newfound glory
New found fury
All she wants is a new found story
One to grab on to
One to believe
One to pretend
Its all hers to achieve
Hide the truth
Hide the lies
Hide the people and your ties
Make them all just disappear
The end my dear is near


Poem 2

My dark places, Ive got many
My dark faces, Ive seen them
They haunt me at times I can not explain
My dark thoughts, I hold them dear, like a treasure trove of bewildered delusions I can not seem to despose of
…so I hold them tight, guarded by my own grip.
You will haunt me forever, I will love you infinitely
But your place I can not explain, there is no justification,
So I bury you but I keep you. You are there forever but move deeper into the hollows, and maybe, just maybe…sometime, someday, in some way, you will be buried forever and gone to swim in the black sea.
I love you.